Thursday, October 06, 2005

Carolina Raptor Center

Last weekend while a friend was visiting, we decided to go to the Carolina Raptor Center. This wasn't a typical zoo or bird sancturary but rather a place dedicated to the environmental education and the conservation of birds of prey through public education, the rehabilitation of injured, and orphaned raptors and research. Let me clarify that all the birds housed there are birds of prey that no longer can survive on their own in the wild. For example, there are birds that were found shot through the wing, hit by cars, or injured by other means. These birds are rehabilitated and are fine except they no longer can fend for themselves. And if these birds do have young, their young are taught to be in the wild and released when they are old enough. We were lucky enough to catch a presentation of some of these birds when we arrived there. Below are some pictures from the presentation.

Our favorite by far is probably the litte screech owl (second to the last picture above). He's a cute fellow that apparently likes to pretend he's dead when he gets scared. The volunteer giving the presentation said that he will just fall over and it will appear he is not alive. She said many new volunteers are shocked and scared the first time they take care of him because they think they have killed him.